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Avem o noua femeluta de westie
April 15, 2016
Teste de sanatate
April 15, 2016

Health Tests

We tested in Hungary our sweet champion female - Wild Look Of Uptown Girl (Mika) and the results of health examinations are:

Knees - Patella Luxation (0|0). Both of the knees are FREE from congenital patella luxation.

Eyes - Clear for genetic diseases. There are no degenerative ophtalmological disease.

Ophtalmology examinations:

Cataracta: Negative

Entropium, Ektropium: Negative

Dystichiasis: Negative

Cornea dystrophia: Negative

Membrana pupillaris persistens: Negative

PHTVL/PHPV: Negative

PLL: Negative

PRA: Negative

Micropapilla: Negative

Primer Glaukoma: Negative

We are so happy to know that we have healthy dogs.

We tested Wild Look Of Uptown Girl (Mika) for eyes genetic diseases and for patella-luxation.